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Let us help you create your perfect floor.

1. Choose your pattern.

The first step in choosing your perfect floor is to decide which wood pattern best suits your project and preferences. All our floors are available in Plank, Herringbone, Chevron, and Panel designs.


2. Choose your grading

Next, it's time to determine your desired 'grading.' Are you drawn to a uniform and clear growth structure, or does the allure of a charmingly rustic growth character better suit your project? The decision is entirely yours.

rustic oak plank_edited.jpg


rustic oak floor_edited.png


select oak plank_edited.jpg


select oak plank_edited.jpg


3. Colour and Finishing.

With your wood, grading, and pattern chosen, it's now time to select a truly distinctive finish for your new floor. Our tailored finishing program empowers you to explore an extensive array of possibilities, enabling the creation of a one-of-a-kind finish patina that perfectly suits your vision. Wether you are looking for the natural look and feel of Hardwax Oil, to the strength and durability of a Lacquered finish we will get the best result for you and your project.

Hand Finishing Hardwood Flooring

Get in touch to discuss your next project.

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